High quality matti woods are sourced from gods own country and made into splints. Our splints are known for their strength while they are soft and damp proof.


Skillets & Packing

Our skillets are designed, printed and crafted in our own press. We use high quality GSM sheets and source duplex boards from ITC, to ensure quality.


Corrugated Boxes

We make our own corrugation boxes for all export orders. Our boxes have great flute strength and higher BF values. We ship with high quality offset printed boxes.

VVR Industrial Links is a pioneer in wooden safety match box manufacturing. We are one the best Match Box Manufacturers in India. We own end to end process in the match box manufacturing sector. This gives definitive authority within the enterprise frees us from any business dependencies.

Our process driven workflow enables us to deliver our products right on time and at effective price. Our transparency policy enables necessary updates to clients with a live updates on the process and allows them to monitor every step via live CCTV camera installed on our industries.

We have been a reliable and trustworthy exporters of wooden safety matches in India over 25 years now. Over these years we have hugely expanded our infrastructure which is one of our key strength on delivering quality.